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Below are some common questions from our customers.

What countries are covered?  Are multiple carriers offered in most countries?

Over 105 countries are covered with a complete list at Coverage Country List.  In most countries where multiple carriers offer service, you can select the carrier you use from the phone.  This allows you to switch carriers if you are having any network problems.  Many of our competitors only offer access to a single carrier in each country!

How does the network know where I am located and deliver calls?

When you power on your phone, it registers with the local network provider with the strongest signal.  The information on the SIM card is transmitted identifying you as a roaming subscriber.  The network then sends notification to Switzerland to forward incoming calls to your location.

What kind of call quality should I expect?

In most countries, wireless GSM service and coverage is very good.  Because the network is 100% digital, sound quality is superior to the older analog (AMPS) systems.  In remote areas such as wilderness and mountains may not have coverage due to low population density.

How much usage do I get with the phone?

The phone is shipped with $80 of usage loaded and you are charged for your actual usage when the phone is returned.  If you decide to purchase additional usage, at the beginning or during the rental, you can purchase in increments of $20, $50, and $100.  We provide you PIN's to load into the phone to increase your available balance.  You are immediately charged for the additional time you purchase.  You may wish to load the Pin's as needed, as this gives you the option of using unloaded Pin's with future rentals.

How can I check my balance?

You are provided instructions with your rental which allow you to check your available unit remaining at any time.  Each time you make a call, you are provided the remaining number of minutes available for that call. 

I am charged a $250 deposit.  What is this for and when will I receive a credit?

This deposit is primarily for the equipment.  The deposit will be credited as soon as the equipment is received by Tech-Go. 

Is it possible for me to receive the phone number in advance so I may forward calls from another number to the phone?  

Yes.  If you request a phone more than 3 days in advance we can provide you the phone number so you may forward calls from landlines, other cell phones, even international phones.  

What kind of phone number will I be given?

You will be provided an international phone number based in Switzerland.  Anyone capable of making international calls to Switzerland will be able to reach you.

How am I charged for incoming calls versus outgoing calls?  Does it matter where I use the phone or where I call?

You are charged the same rate regardless of location, destination number or calling number.  You pay $2.00 a minute for outgoing calls and $1.00 a minute for incoming calls.  Outgoing calls also incur a one-time $.50 call set-up fee.  There are no other long distance or roaming charges.

Can I connect the phone to my pc and make data calls?

Although this is possible in some cases, many network operators have not upgraded their switches to support data.  Because of this, we do not expect to support data until 4Q 2000.

How do you handle shipping?

Phone is delivered to you within the USA along with a return box usually via Fedex.  Cost is $10 for 2nd business day or $25 for next business day.  You specify your shipping options on our on-line order form including the option to provide your own fedex account number.

Why do you ship the phone?  Can I pick it up at the airport?  

Tech-Go is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  So we may provide you the most competitive rates on the net and to reduce our costs, we require shipment to our customers.  This saves us a lot of overhead which we pass along to you as reduced rates.   

If you desire delivery to a hotel, we recommend you contact the hotel in advance to notify them of the delivery since many hotels do not properly deliver shipments to guests without prior notification from guests.

Am I charged any state, federal or excise taxes.  

Tech-Go charges excise/state tax of 7% on your total invoice excluding shipping.  You may avoid this charge if you submit a USA State sales tax exemption form.