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Rent a Blackberry Camera phone for use across the globe
Unlimited Email and Web Browsing included

Send Pictures and emails of your trip, update your facebook for everyone to see
Free Instant Messaging (IM) to Yahoo, AOL, Skype, MSN saves on airtime!
Curve 8310/8320 or Torch 9810


BlackBerry 9810



Rent a Blackberry Camera Phone with Unlimited FREE Email and Web Browsing including attachments and pictures for:

USA Blackberry Rates: $70 per week ($10 add days), $112 for 2 weeks ($8 add days), $180 per month ($6 add days)

World Blackberry Rates:

Curve $12/day, 7 day minimum $10/day, 14 day minimum $8/day for 30+ days
Torch 9810 $17/day, 7 day minimum $15/day, 14 day minimum $12/day for 30+ days

bulletBy using included email, you can greatly reduce or eliminate your voice calls and for big savings!
bulletTech-Go has the most extensive coverage worldwide - 180 countries See Coverage Map and Rates for each country
bulletUpon requst, we can provide unlocked Blackberry which can accept our Euro sim for cheaper voice calls in most countries! 
bulletSave money on voice calls by using our Europe Based GSM phone (free rental with your Blackberry order) - Call for details.
bullet There are no setup fees or minimum usage!
bulletUnlimited email, web browsing, and Blackberry Messenger using Blackberry with our server and email address.  You can forward existing emails or have us pull your mail into the phone by providing login details (allows you to send & receive with multiple email addresses). 
bulletSend Free voice emails by speaking to unit and emailing your voicenote.
bulletNEW $5 option to have Facebook application loaded which allows you to document your trip and upload pictures for everyone to see real-time!
bulletNEW $5 option to have Messenger Application for FREE messaging to: MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Google Talk, ICQ
bulletNEW $5 option to have 2gb memory card loaded which allows video clips and pictures to be stores, email attachments to be moved to computer via USB cable (included)
bulletSpeakerphone included
bulletOption $15 to hook to your existing BES server (select on order form) to access your schedules and contacts.
bulletClick for more information , pricing and options on our on-line order form.


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