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Rent Technology Items
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GPS - Handheld Portable for Hikers (shows waypoint and coordinates).  Group rentals for geo-caching parties (we can load cache coordinates) $4.29/day or $3/day for 30+ days
English Speaking GPS Rental for USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe, Australia, New Zealand - Driving and Walking with 4 hour battery, Windshield Mount, and 12/24-volt car adaptor powered with Detailed Maps points of interest.  Speaking turn-by-turn
Battery last 6+ hours so you can walk with unit.  Latest 2010 Maps. - Click for details!

ALERT - Many Car Rental companies do not have units when you arrive.
Laptop,  Portable Printer or Scanner Rental-
New Laptop with MS Windows and Office, Wi-Fi,  DVD/CD drive -  ($60/week) or $7.14/day for 14+ days.  Windows Media Player software player included so you can watch movies.  RGB output to external monitor or projector - Laptop Rental Details
usb aircard Wireless USB Aircard with USA or International Data Package - Wireless AirCard Rental Details
hotspot Wireless Hotspot for USA
Wireless Hotspot Using Clear Wireless (Coverage) rents for $70 (7 day rental minimum)-4 devices
Iphones can be used as multi-device hotspot
$20 off invoice if you order 2 weeks+ in advance!

Portable Projector Rentals  - 2 models to choose from
Also Available: Indoor & Outdoor Screens, Speakers, DVD Players - Click for details!

Hi-definition LCD Monitor/TV - 3 models to choose from
Anti-Glare for lighted and outdoor use.  Include RGB and HDMI cables- Click for details!

Don't risk your camera traveling!  Shock and Water resistant (10 feet) digital camera 7 Megapixel with charger - $4.29/day or $3/day for 30+ days.  Underwater enclosure for diving for only $10 additional per week.

Rent 2-way Radios -  Click for details!
Coming Soon - 2-way voice translator


Other Items:

Solar Panel for small devices or phones when no other power available- $20/week or $60/month

Larger Solar Panel for Laptop - $40/week or $120/month

External Battery with 12-volt adaptor - $20/week or $60/month

Portable DVD player with Worldwide compatibility - $30/week or $90/month

Portable internet-based camera with solar panel for remote viewing (coming soon)

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