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Budget Rental Ipads, Iphones, 2-way Radios, Satellite Phones, GPS, Laptop, Projector & Screen
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Ask about our Spring Specials for Satellite phone rental and Party Screen and Projector Rentals.

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Rent a Portable Projector and Screens for Presentations, Movies, Sports, Weddings
Also Available: Outdoor Movie Party Inflatable Screen and HD Projector and sound system

*SPECIAL: Tech-Go Base Party Pack includes Basic Projector, DVD Player, Small Sound System, Inflatable Screen and all cables for reduced price of $225 plus shipping ($38 covers both directions, Western USA add $20 total)
.    Contact us for availability and scheduling.

120 inch screenLAPTOP PROJECTOR: Laptop connection using RGB cable
VIDEO PROJECTOR: Connect Source (Cable box or DVD/Blue-ray Player) to Video Projector using Composite, Component (RGB) or DVI/HDMI (HDMI projector).  Cables provided for free!

Contact us for availability (usually we have stock except for a few seasonal holiday weekends)

Weekend Promotion: For Weekend or 1-2 day use over weekend, we only charge 1-2 day rate and you pay $0 rental fees for all shipping days out and back!

Optional Upgrade: (300 watt Sound System +$30), (800+ watt Sound system +$60), (HDMI Hi-def Projector 2500 lumen +$60), (Blue-Ray player +$20)

You may substitute an 70-80 inch or 120 inch screen instead of inflatable screen with no change in price.

Projector and certain screens, and Party Pack qualify for $38 total shipping each way (unless multiple sound systems ordered).
**Shipping to Western USA add $20 total.  Multiple items may qualify for a shipping discount.  


  Base Party Pack Pricing for each Rental Item 1 to 2 day
(1-2 day or weekend event)
(3-5 day events)
Monthly Shipping covers out & return**
BASE PARTY PACK Rental * Rent Basic Projector+Inflatable Screen+DVD Player+Small Sound System $225 $299 $399 $38
BUDGET SMALL PACK Rental * Rent Basic Projector+70 inch tri-pod screen+Small Sound System $179     $38**
PROJECTOR* * BASIC SVGA (800x600) 1500 Lumens
RGB and Component cable input (Red, Green, Blue)
$79 $119 $209 $28
PROJECTOR-Brighter   BRIGHTER SVGA (800x600) 2500 Lumens
RGB and Component cable input
$99 $149 $349 $28
PROJECTOR-Brighter   XGA (1024x768) portable projector 2500 Lumens (larger parties) & cable
Supports RGB, Component and HDMI
$129 $199 $399 $28
PROJECTOR-Sharper   WXGA (1200x800) portable projector 2500 Lumens (larger parties) & cable
Supports RGB, HDMI
$149 $209 $399 $28
PROJECTOR-Limited Avail.   BRIGHTEST WXGA (1200x800) portable projector 3500 Lumens (larger parties) & cable
Supports RGB, Component and HDMI
$199 $299 $399 $28
SCREEN-Small   70"-80" Professional screen on Tripod stand $59 $79 $200 $28
SCREEN-Pro   120" Diagonal Professional Tube-stand Screen (8.5'x5') $94 $109 $199 $38
SCREEN-Pro   144" Diagonal Non-inflatable Professional Screen $109 $149 $199 $48
SCREEN-Inflatable * 144" Inflatable Large Outdoor Screen, Electric Air pump * $94 $109 $199 $38
SCREEN-Large-Limited Avail * 10x14 LARGE screen with stand (see shipping notes below) $350 $575 $950 $50
DVD PLAYER* * Includes Cables (component or HDMI) $29 $39 $99 $28
BLUE-RAY   Includes HDMI Cable. Requires XGA projector or better. $49 $59 $99 $28
SOUND SYSTEM* * Small System w/ Cables* (up to 19 quiet people) $39 $50 $125 $28
SOUND SYSTEM   Medium System w/ Cables* (up to 49 quiet people) $69 $85 $125 $28
SOUND SYSTEM   Large System w/ Cables (50-99 quiet people) $99 $138 $189 $38
WIRELESS SPEAKERS 2 Portable Wireless Speakers w/ Cables* (up to 20 quiet people) - good for distributing sound around an area.  Multiple receivers may be used. Range 20 feet unobstructed view. $54 $69 $99 $28
  PRO Wireless Microphone With Lavaliere/Lapel or Handheld Microphone and Base station.  FCC Approved with ability to change frequencies to avoid interference. XLR channel output and blended 1/4 inch.  (Add up to 3 additional mics for $15 each, $25 for weekly rental).  Multiple stations supported (4 mics per station).  Includes 1/4 inch cable for each base that support 4 mics. $99 $139 $249 $28 per base station


Tech-Go SVGA portable projector - (Great for presentations or parties) packs an impressive 1500 lumens in just 6 pounds. This full-featured projector is light, bright and affordable without compromising on quality. With its DLP technology, a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and native SVGA 800x600 resolution, you'll be impressed by the rich, saturated colors and crystal-clear images.

This projector is the perfect choice for professionals, classroom applications and home users who have a tight budget and expect a versatile and solid projector for data and also video applications.  component Free Cable included (Component to RGB into back of Projector) or you can request RGB to RGB (typically laptop out to Projector)


Tech-Go XGA DLP High Definition Portable Projector Rental (for bigger parties Football Games, or high-def PS3, Blue-ray, HDMI)
Packs an impressive 2500+ lumens extra brightness aids in lighted environments when low-light is not possible. This full-featured projector is light, bright and affordable without compromising on quality. With its DLP technology, a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and native XGA 1024x800 HD resolution, you'll be impressed by the rich, saturated colors and crystal-clear images. 16.7 million colors. Supports HDTV at high resolutions: 1080i/720P using VGA cable, DVI with HDCP, HDMI


Tech-Go 144" Inflatable Movie Screen Rental for larger groups.  Bring all your favorite movies to the BIG screen.. The Tech-Go Inflatable Movie Screen lifts straight out of its durable bag and in minutes, it's ready to show movies, TV shows, video presentations and more. The Movie Screen is convenient, portable, and simple.
Movie Screen Dimensions: 12.5 foot wide wide, 11 foot high, 144" diagonal screen (screen starts 5 feet of ground)

Includes 2 fans which inflates the screen in 90 seconds and keeps it inflated (power run to screen)


120 inch screenTech-Go Screen-Pro Rental 120" and 144" Diagonal Non-Inflatable Movie Screen for larger groups (20-199 people). 
120 inch diagonal =  8.5 ' wide x 5 ' height; 44 pounds
144 inch diagonal =  10 ' wide x 6 ' height

Assembly time 15 to 20 minutes (2 people)
Slightly better picture quality due to screen.
No fan noise.  Can be used indoors and outdoors!


Large 10x14 Outdoor Screen Rental with frame - Special Order
Shipping for this item Total $100 to Business Address or Total  $130 Total to Residential Address. Shipping to Western USA add $40 Total.
Weight 100 pounds


Tech-Go Tripod Screen Rental (pro or cloth versions) 
PRO: The Tech-Go 65-80 inch 4:3 (65 inch) and widescreed 16:9 (80 inch) Tripod Screen gives the presenter a professional solution for any projection application or situation. It incorporates a roller system that prevents the screen from being accidentally pulled from the roller. Rent a high quality professional tripod screen that is able to withstand daily usage. Heavy-duty aluminum extruded legs with toe release mechanism offer a wide stance for stability. Built-in fabric lock secures screen fabric during transport and use to prevent shifting. Also Available: 100 inch 4:3 screen with tri-pod stand.

Lightweight CLOTH Screen Rental 4:3 format, 70" diagonal portable projector screen fits into an easy-to-carry pouch
Made from resilient wrinkle resistant fabric that can be washed
Collapses to 18"
Compact and light weight; sets up in less than 5 minutes


Small Sound System

 Tech-Go Small Sound System Rental
Great for projecting sound from DVD Player, Laptop or Tuner
RCA and Headphone plug allow input from most devices
Powered with Wall Outlet
900 MHZ drives speakers up to 150 feet (walls reduce distance)
2 Satellite speakers and separate Bass unit
Volume Control on front of satellite unit.
Good for smaller parties up to 20+ people,


Medium Sound SystemTech-Go Medium or Large Sound System Rental
Choose from 2 sizes:
Medium: 2 Speakers and Bass Unit, Group up to 49 people (indoor)

Large: 5 Speakers + high-power Subwoofer, Group up to 99 people (indoor)
Powered with Wall Outlet
Order 2 Large systems for 100-199 group or outdoor setting with 70+ group

Tech-Go Portable Wireless Speakers Rental
Great for projecting sound from DVD Player, Laptop or Tuner
RCA and Headphone plug allow input from most devices
Powered with Wall Outlet or CC batteries (not included)
900 MHZ drives speakers up to 50+ feet (walls reduce distance),
Weather/Water resistant (on battery power)
Each speaker has volume control. 
Good for smaller parties up to 20+ people or if you want to spread sound around a room
Add 2nd set for only +$30.


Wireless MicFCC APPROVED Wireless Microphone System Rental with over Ear, Lapel or Handheld Microphone
Frequencies can be changed to avoid interference!
VHF frequencies with Voice Companding for best quality and minimal hiss
Built-in channel mixer to fine0tune volume levels
Range of 75 to 100 feet with quartz locked transmission (Mfg quote 100+ feet)
Support up to 4 total Mics - Add up to 3 additional mics for a total of 4 mics
Plugs into your sound system (XLR 3-prong separate or 1/4 inch blended)
Multiple Base stations allow adding in groups of 4 (stacking) with frequency setting.
Multiple base stations can be used for up to 24 mics.
Rent sound system from from us!

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