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Atlanta Tech Support - Tech-Go has expertise in patiently helping users with little technical knowledge. We can solve your computer & technical problems, install networks, printers, smartlocks at your location. We even help you get rid of cable (cut the cord) saving $1k to $2k a year.

Rent a Monitor for Presentations, Movies, Sports, Weddings
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Contact us for availability (usually we have stock except for a few seasonal holiday weekends)

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Category   Pricing for each Item (see items descriptions down the page) 1 to 2 day
(1-2 day or weekend event)
(3-5 day events)
Monthly Shipping covers out & return**
TV - Monitor   32 inch LCD 1080p HD Monitor/TV $99 $149 $299 $48+
TV - Monitor   37 inch LCD 1080p HD Monitor/TV $149 $249 $399 $58+
TV - Monitor   40 inch LCD 1080p HD Monitor/TV $199 $299 $499 $98+
TV - Monitor   47 inch LCD 1080p HD Monitor/TV $250 $400 $899 $198+
TV - Monitor   55 inch LCD 1080p HD Monitor/TV (limited availability) $399 $599 $899 $248+
TV Floor Stand   Budget TV Floor Stand with cover (hi-density plastic) and black cover $90 $149 $199 $49+
TV Floor Stand   TV Floor Stand with cover (requires 15 minutes to assmble) $150 $149 $199 $149+
DVD PLAYER*   Cables and Remote $29 $39 $99 $28+
BLUE-RAY   Cables and Remote (HDMI Cable included) $49 $59 $99 $28+
SOUND SYSTEM*   Small System w/ Cables* (up to 19 quiet people) $39 $50 $125 $28+
SOUND SYSTEM   Medium System w/ Cables* (up to 49 quiet people) $69 $85 $125 $28+
SOUND SYSTEM   Large System w/ Cables (50-99 quiet people) $99 $138 $189 $38+

** Shipping is only an estimate and has to be calculated based on acutal zip code and location.

Tech-Go LCD High Definition HDMI Monitor TV with Anti-Glare Screen
Great for for Tradeshows, Presentations, Outdoor Displays (non-reflective display).  Includes RGB and HDMI inputs along with Remote and power cord.  You may choose from different sizes: 24 inch, 32 inch, 37 inch, 40 Inch, 47 inch and 55 inch.  You may use a laptop, DVD player or DVR receiver to drive this monitor.  Sound to monitor may be transmitted using HDMI cable or RCA cables depending on your need.  TV Stand also available.


TV Stand Tech-Go Portable Hi-Tech Monitor Stand
Great for for Tradeshows or
Only 15 minute assembly required
Nationwide delivery (business address required)
Support up to 60 inch monitors








Small Sound System

 Tech-Go Small Sound System
Great for projecting sound from DVD Player, Laptop or Tuner
RCA and Headphone plug allow input from most devices
Powered with Wall Outlet
900 MHZ drives speakers up to 150 feet (walls reduce distance)
2 Satellite speakers and separate Bass unit
Volume Control on front of satellite unit.
Good for smaller parties up to 20+ people,


Medium Sound SystemTech-Go Medium or Large Sound System
Choose from 2 sizes:
Medium: 2 Speakers and Bass Unit, Group up to 49 people (indoor)

Large: 5 Speakers + high-power Subwoofer, Group up to 99 people (indoor)
Powered with Wall Outlet
Order 2 Large systems for 100-199 group or outdoor setting with 70+ group


Wireless MicFCC APPROVED Wireless Microphone System with over Ear, Lapel or Handheld Microphone
Frequencies can be changed to avoid interference!

VHF frequencies with Voice Companding for best quality and minimal hiss
Built-in channel mixer to fine0tune volume levels
Range of 75 to 100 feet with quartz locked transmission (Mfg quote 100+ feet)
Support up to 4 total Mics - Add up to 3 additional mics for a total of 4 mics
Plugs into your sound system (XLR 3-prong separate or 1/4 inch blended)
Multiple Base stations allow adding in groups of 4 (stacking) with frequency setting.
Multiple base stations can be used for up to 24 mics.
Rent sound system from from us!

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