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Budget Rental Ipads, Iphones, 2-way Radios, Satellite Phones, GPS, Laptop, Projector & Screen
We ship nationwide USA including Covered Areas.  Best Prices on the Web. Visit our New Facebook Page
IPAD Rental IPhone Rental USA Cell Phone Rental Satellite Phone Rental GPS Rental Store-Sale
2-Way Radio Rental Laptop Rental Projector & Screen Rental Wireless Mic System Rental Tech News Blog - Resources - Video Soon

Ask about our Spring Specials for Satellite phone rental and Party Screen and Projector Rentals.

Rent Affordable Laptop Computer with Windows, Wi-fi.  Optional Microsoft Office & USB Mouse - Rates

Order - Today Starting at Special Rate of only $8.57 per day (1 week minimum = $60) or $7.14 per day for 15+ days

Base Laptop Computer Rental with Windows (typically version 10), Wi-fi, Ethernet port, 2 GB Memory, 80 GB free disk space.  Upgrade for more memory or disk space.
Designed for General Browsing, Email, Training.
Upgrade to Faster processor or more memory for special applications.

OPTIONAL: Add on USB data Aircard with Wireless Data nationwide for $70/week
Wireless Aircard with USA or International Data Package - Wireless AirCard Rental Detail

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Base Laptop Computer Rental $60 for 7 days ($8.57/day) $100 for 15+ days ($7.14/day) $180 for 30+ days ($6/day)
Upgrade to 2GHZ CPU $20 for 7 days $30 for 14 days $50 for 30 days
Upgrade to 2GHZ CPU Dual Core $40 for 7 days $60 for 14 days $100 for 30 days
Office 2013 $10 for 7 days $15 for 14 days $25 for 30 days
Office 2016 $20 for 7 days $30 for 14 days $50 for 30 days
USB Cell Aircard (we also offer Iphone hotpost rentals) $70 for 7 days ($10/day)
167 MB per day limit
$120 for 14 days ($8.57/day) $210 for 30 days ($7/day)
Flat Rate Items USB Mouse $10 Flat Rate Wireless Mouse $20 Flat Rate  





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