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Rent a English Speaking GPS Unit With Maps and Points of Interest
Latest NavTech / Garmin GPS Rental 2016 Mapsets
Europe, USA & Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica GPS units available.

TRAVEL ALERT - most International Car Rental Companies cannot guarantee GPS units when you arrive.
DON"T GET LOST!  Learn unit operation before you leave the USA (all our units have USA maps loaded).

We also sell discounted Garmin units with 2017 USA maps and 2017 European maps.
Already have a unit?  We sell 2016 Maps for your current Garmin unit for low price!  Click to Purchase GPS and Maps Details

bulletChoose from 2 Units: GPS English Speaking Touchscreen: 3.5 inch and 4.3 inch widescreen bullet3 Driving / Walking Regions Available With Latest 2016 Maps : Europe, USA / CanadaMexico and Costa Rica bulletThousands of points of interest; ATM, Restaurant, Gas, etc. bulletFits in pocket, great for walking and car use. bulletIncludes all countries listed - No surcharge for multiple countries - see map and list below (Latest 2011 mapset) bulletAll models include 12/24 volt car adaptor and suction cup mount (Wall adaptor available as a low cost option on Order Form) bulletWe can ship using Next Business Day and 2-day Fedex. Easy to return with included prepaid label! bulletPromo Combo for GPS and Phone with low airtime rates Save +$10 off invoice COMBO PROMO

Unit Description Europe or Costa Rica USA GPS Mexico or Costa Rica
Unit 1. Rent Garmin Nuvi 3.5 GPS English Speaking

Handheld Size
Battery Powered and portable so you can walk with these units (4-6 hours per charge)

Rental: $6/day * 7 day rental = $42

$65 for 2 weeks ($5 add day)

Lowest Cost per day: $3.50/day for 30+ days=$105
Rental: $6/day * 7 day rental = $42

$56 for 2 weeks ($4 add day)

Lowest Cost per day: $3/day for 30+ days=$90
Rental: $6/day * 7 day rental = $42

$65 for 2 weeks ($5 add day)

Lowest Cost per day: $3/day for 30+ days=$90
Unit 2. Garmin 4.3 Wide Screen English Speaking GPS Handheld and Driving
Same as above plus WideScreen and Text to Speech of Road Names.  Battery Powered and portable so you can walk with these units (4-6 hours per charge).  Displays speed limit when available.
Rental: $9/day * 7 day rental = $63

$85 for 2 weeks ($6 add day)

Lowest Cost per day: $4/day for 30+ days=$120
Rental: $8/day * 7 day rental = $56

$70 for 2 weeks ($5 add day)

Lowest Cost per day: $4day for 30+ days=$120
Rental: $9/day * 7 day rental = $63

$85 for 2 weeks ($6 add day)

Lowest Cost per day: $4/day for 30+ days=$120
Add on Friction Mount so you can mount to Dash area - Some countries frown on attaching to windshields, so this is nice option. This adds to our cost of shipping due to its weight. $12.99 Add-on $12.99 add-on $12.99 add-on


2016 European Region Mapping Details
Contains updated 2016 detailed maps of major metropolitan areas throughout Europe.
Now includes 1.3 million POIs including food and drink, lodging, border crossing, petrol stations, hospitals and more
Speaks in English and several other languages
Expanded coverage now includes Eastern Europe

Includes detailed maps containing motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads with attributes such as turn restrictions, speed categories and other navigation features

bulletIncludes full country coverage for Western Europe and many countries in Eastern Europe; see coverage map for details. bulletNow with full coverage for Greece. bulletExpanded address ranges for Belgium. bulletATM/cash stations added for all covered countries. bulletDisplays over 1.7 million points of interest — restaurants, lodging, border crossings, attractions, petrol stations, campsites, shopping and more. bulletOffers nearly 8.5 million kilometers of road coverage including motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads. bulletIncludes detailed information such as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories and other navigation features. bulletGives turn-by-turn directions on your compatible Garmin device. bulletContains traffic data for compatible Garmin devices that use traffic receivers. bulletEnhances pronunciation data for compatible Garmin devices that speak street names (example: "Turn right on Main Street.").

2016 Garmin NT European Map Coverage:

Great Britain and Republic of Ireland

Great Britain: Full coverage
Scotland: Full coverage
Wales: Full coverage
Isle of Man: Full coverage
Northern Ireland: Full coverage
Ireland: Full coverage
Channel Islands: Full coverage

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden

Denmark: Full coverage
Finland: Full coverage
Iceland: Full coverage
Norway: Full coverage
Sweden: Full coverage


France and Benelux

bulletAndorra: Full coverage bulletBelgium: Full coverage bulletFrance: Full coverage bulletFrench Guiana: Coverage for most urban areas bulletGuadeloupe: Coverage for most urban areas bulletMartinique: Coverage for most urban areas bulletNetherlands: Full coverage bulletLuxembourg: Full coverage bulletRéunion: Coverage for most urban areas bulletSaint Barthélemy: Full Coverage

Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein

bulletItaly: Full coverage bulletAustria: Full coverage bulletSwitzerland: Full coverage bulletLiechtenstein: Full coverage


bulletMalta: Full coverage

Spain and Portugal

bulletSpain: Full coverage bulletPortugal: Full coverage bulletGibraltar: Full coverage bulletAzores Islands: Full coverage bulletCanary Islands: Full coverage bulletBaleric Islands: Full coverage bulletMadeira: Full coverage


bulletGermany: Full coverage

Czech Republic

bulletCzech Republic: Full coverage


bulletGreece: Full coverage

Eastern Europe

bulletEstonia: Full coverage bulletLatvia: Full coverage bulletLithuania: Full coverage bulletPoland: Full coverage bulletSlovakia: Full coverage bulletHungary: Full coverage bulletSlovenia: Full coverage bulletCroatia: Full coverage bulletBulgaria: Full coverage bulletRomania: Coverage for most urban areas bulletTurkey: Full coverage bulletMoldova: Major roads only bulletBosnia & Herzegovina: Major roads only bulletSerbia & Kosovo: Full Coverage bulletMontenegro: Coverage for most urban areas bulletAlbania: Major roads only bulletRepublic of Macedonia (FYROM): Coverage for most urban areas bulletBelarus: Major roads only bulletUkraine: Coverage for most urban areas


Mexico Mapping Information


    Mexico GPS Details:

    bulletNew detailed coverage for Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey bulletNew detailed coverage of Cancun, Puebla and Puerto Vallarta bulletPostal code coverage for major urban areas bulletAdditional 250,000 km of road coverage, including new link roads like MEX-57 from MEX-40 to Eagle Pass, Texas, USA bulletIncludes detailed maps containing highways, interstates, residential roads and other navigation features bulletDisplays points of interest such as: bulletfood and drink bulletlodging bulletattractions bulletentertainment bulletshopping bulletemergency services and more bulletWill automatically create point-to-point routes on compatible Garmin GPS units

    Detailed Coverage

    Distrito Federal
    • Huixquilucan

    • Guadalupe
    • San Pedro Garza Garcia

    • Zapopan

    Limited Coverage

    Distrito Federal
    • Acueducto
    • Adolfo Lopez Mateos
    • Colon
    • Gobernador Curiel
    • Guadalupe
    • Mariano Otero
    • Ocho de Julio
    • Pereferico
    • Vallarta

    Link to City Navigator Mexico NT interactive map


    Costa Rica Mapping Information

    Whether you are surfing at the beaches, climbing mountains and volcanos, or trekking through the rainforest, this map will help you orient yourself the whole time you are exploring Costa Rica.  A local, scale GPS map of the entire country of Costa Rica in Central America with many features you would not normally have in your GPS.

    In addition to roads and contours for the country, numerous other geographic features are included in the map: park boundaries, mountain peaks, rivers, lakes and wetlands, railroads and airports, city points, and more. 







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