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Atlanta Tech Support - Tech-Go has expertise in patiently helping users with little technical knowledge. We can solve your computer & technical problems, install networks, printers, smartlocks at your location. We even help you get rid of cable (cut the cord) saving $1k to $2k a year.

Reasons to rent an Iridium Satellite handheld phone from Tech-Go -

Don't Pay Extra Fees like Application Fees, Activation Fees, Roaming Surcharges, etc!

bulletDon't pay $2.49 to $5 a minute on cruise ships when we offer airtime rates as low as $1.50 a minute
bulletHandheld Iridium models work anywhere on the planet (you have to be outside to use).
bulletRates as low as $5 a day for longer rentals.  No activation fees!  Choose your model and service.
bulletWARNING: Globalstar sat phones are not as reliable in some areas (espically the poles and oceans.
bulletNEW PROMO: Free additional GSM World Cell Phone with Service for even lower cost calling in many countries when you are in non-usa urban areas - Rent World Cell GSM Phone Details
 bulletGood for use in cities where satellite phone use is not required (compare rates to decide which is cheaper for you)

Satellite Phone Rental - Handheld Voice Iridium (used by the US Government)

NEW 9575-Smallest

Best Call Quality 
Best Water Resistance
2 way messaging       

9575 Extreme

Best Call Quality        


Light Use

Optional Light Weight Foldable 4 panel Solar Panel with 12-volt Adaptor (4 panels provide 2x power charging)


Solar Panel Folding

World Coverage via satellite network in Low Earth Orbit

Key Features for Handheld Satellite Phone Rental NEW - only 7 day minimum

bulletWorldwide Coverage - You can use this service virtually anywhere in the world.  However there are four countries in which service is restricted: North Srilanka, North Korea, Hungary, Poland.
bulletRent Basic Satellite Phone Model 9500 (out of stock) - 16 ounce unit - Good model for Basic usage and short calls (up to 5 minute calls) with 12-24 hour standby and 1.5 hours talk time. 
        Rent:  $49/week (+$7 additional days) or $150 a month ($5 a day)
bulletRent Executive Satellite Phone Model 9505 -  11 ounces - Somewhat better reception and business call quality (up to 15 to 20 minute calls) and increased clarity.  Also supports external headset. Rent: $7.99/day  or $6.50/day for 21+ days
bulletRent Extreme Satellite Phone Model 9575 -  8 ounces - Latest model adds Water resistant and supports 2 day messaging with send confirmation. Call quality  remains business quality (up to 15 to 20 minute calls) and increased clarity.  Also supports external headset. Rent: $10.99/day  or $7.50/day for 21+ days
 bulletAirtime Rates Worldwide: $1.50/minute or $1.25/minute (10+ minutes a day)
 bulletFree Voicemail Service provided! (minutes excluded).   No activation fees.
 bullet2 phone numbers provided so you can decide cost:  bulletUSA Phone number - incoming calls billed at your selected rate plan (low cost to caller since USA number) bulletDirect Satellite phone number - Free incoming calls to renter (caller pays international Long distance (country code 88))
 bulletWall charger with adaptors included.  Car charger FREE upon request.  Extra Batteries available
 bulletSolar Panel provides power over extended trips for $25
 bulletSeparate GPS rental units available to give coordinates to rescue services.

The Tech-Go Handheld Satellite Phone provides ability to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world.   Coverage is available planet-wide and you must be outside to use it with line-of-sight to the sky.  Due to innovative design, you merely raise the antenna to make and receive calls.  Voice quality is good (similar to analog cellular service) with a .25 second delay and we recommend you speak clearly into the unit.  Although this is the best handheld global service available, it is common to have dropped calls in or out after a) 3 to 5 for Basic Model and b) 15 minutes for Executive Model - If you need the best voice quality available and longer call duration, you can review the larger and more powerful units below.  Phone includes incoming phone number and voicemail with indicator which aids in situations where the phone does not ring due to low signal strength.  Due to rotation of satellites, incoming calls will not always ring the phone, but caller may leave voicemail for callback.  The Tech-Go Handheld Satellite Phone is an ideal communication tool for travelers who need the most portable and economical solution.

Other Features for Handheld Satellite

bulletGood voice quality with .5 to .75 second delay bulletSelectable Ringer Tone - 10 choices. bulletUnanswered Call Indicator and voicemail indicator. bulletRecharges battery in 2.5 hours with included USA, Euro and 12-volt charger (free if requested). bulletVibraCall™ Alert Feature. bullet2400 baud data available via serial cable supports Windows operating system. bulletGood article on the history of Iridium, currently the best handheld satellite provider worldwide - Read PDF

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