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Satellite Phone Rental Reservation Process
NOTE: Satellite Phones require outside line of sight to the sky - above or away from buildings or obstructions
Help?  Call and have us help you through all the options!

Step 1.   Complete Form Below and scan PDF/Email with Rental Agreement (step 2)
Step 2. Scan/Phone-to-PDF & Email Back the Signed Rental Agreement with Photo ID.   If you want to review the Rental Agreement prior to ordering. 

Order Process

  • Completion of this form is acknowledgement you have read and agree to the terms in our Rental Agreement.  

  • Submit electronic version of our  order form and rental agreement -  Satellite Rental Agreement. This form should also have your credit card info printed legibly so we can authorize the deposit. Also include a copy of a governement approved photo ID such as a drivers license or passport.

  • Once we receive all of the above information, we enter your reservation date into our system and your phone is reserved. We ship the phone to you (using next business day shipping) the business day prior to your request date.  Second business day shipping is available if necessary.  Rental period is calculated day after shipment through day provided and accepted into the Fedex system using the Tech-Go return Fedex label.  If customer ships using different method, than rental ends the day equipment is received in our warehouse.

After we receive your complete order

  • A deposit is charged using your credit card information (amount listed below).  If monthly service or additional options are requested, additional deposits may be charged as noted on order form.

  • We reserve the equipment and arrange for shipment.  We also provide a return pack/box.  You will receive a charged phone, wall charger with USA and Euro (2 round prong) adaptor, and operating instructions.

  • The equipment is shipped via Fedex or USPS and arrives at your location, signature usually required by carrier.

  • When you are ready to return the equipment, you ship it with the provided return pack/box and take to a Fedex or USPS staffed location. If you request Fedex pickup, Fedex adds up to $20 to your return shipping charge  If you use your own shipping label, please send us an email with your return tracking number, and you rental extend until date received in our warehouse.

  • Upon receipt of the equipment, we will process the charges for your usage and credit your deposit when the carrier bills are available.  Because we must wait for the carrier bill, final invoicing and netting against deposit typically occurs 60 to 90 days after we receive the equipment.

On-line Request Form
You may submit this form on-line or fax it to 1-404-671-9419. 

Promo/Agent/Referral Code (optional)
Enter this field if you were referred by an agent or received a promotion code.  If referred by a friend, enter their name here so they may receive $10 off their rental.  

Number of phones required?   

In which countries will the equipment be used?

Shipping Method and Billing

Date you wish equipment to arrive:
Date you are leaving for trip:           

Check for Saturday delivery - add $20
Check for Saturday shipment out - no additional charge

IMPORTANT: Customer Responsible for picking delivery date that allows for possible Fedex delays and time to learn the operation of equipment PRIOR TO DEPARTURE.  Rental not voided by Fedex delays.  RECOMMEND DATE TO ARRIVE: 1 to 3 business days before departure.  Select Date, Time and Shipping method to specify when you want the equipment to arrive? (No Sunday Deliveries).  Price includes shipping, handling and insurance while in transit).  Customer must select ship method or 2nd business day will be used to ship product.


Shipping Notes: Fedex provides the following guarantee or you will receive a credit for the shipping cost via Fedex (excluding weather delays):  a. First Overnight available in most major cities with delivery between 6:00 and 8:30 am  b. Next Business Day service will be received by 10:30 am in cities (later in rural areas) - (not available in all areas). c. Second Business Day service will be received by 7:30 pm.  Business days are Monday - Friday. Orders placed Monday through Friday must be received by 3:00 pm EST for same day processing.  Orders received after 3:00 pm EST may be processed same-day but could incur $15 late-shipping Fedex surcharge (usually after 6 pm EST).  All shipping/handling charges are for a single phone.   Multiple phone orders are charged additional shipping at $10 per unit.

Expected date you will provide equipment to shipping company for return?


Return Shipping:  Packages can be returned using the original shipping box and return label provided.  Alternatively you may use your own packaging and/or shipper but we recommend you insure the shipment since you will be responsible for any loss or damages and billed through date received in our warehouse.

Which Unit and Service Plan do you desire? (No activation fees!)

1. Executive Handheld Iridium Satellite Voice Rental
Until 7/31/19 -14 DAY MINIMUM rental period. 

All Handheld models have a standard airtime package of 3 minute average daily minimum usage at $1.50 a minute -   1 week minimum rental period.  Optional Emergency plan (if available), is +$1.99 a day, waives minimum airtime usage and $1.99 a minute)- request in special instruction at bottom of form - Limited Availability.

Standard Airtime plan: $1.50 a minute outgoing to anywhere, $1.50 a minute incoming with a USA phone number - 
People calling you only pay the cost to their LD carrier to reach a normal USA landline (typically $.05 to $.10 a minute).  Free incoming calls to you if your callers dial international numbers directly, but callers will be billed very high rates.  Free voicemail service included (minutes excluded).    

A.  Executive Model (smaller 11 ounce) for Light Business Use - 10 to 15+ minute call duration with better quality. Rates updated 09-01-12

Executive Model 9505 - SPECIAL $7.99/day reg rate $9.98/day
Executive Model 9505 -
SPECIAL $6.50/day for 21 days+ reg rate $8.49/day for 21 days or more
Executive Model 9505 -
SPECIAL $5/day for 120 days+

B. Executive Extreme 9575 Smallest and lightest at 8 ounces.  Best Water Resistance. Business Use - 10 to 15+ minute call duration with best quality. Rates updated 09-01-12. Supports Outgoing Message confirmation ($.60/mess and free incoming texts, after you select messaging option below)

extreme 9575
NEW Extreme 9575-
SPECIAL $10.99/day reg rate $11.99/day. 
NEW Extreme 9575-
SPECIAL $7.50/day for 21 days reg rate $10.99/day for 21 days or more

Options for Basic & Executive Handheld Units
Volume Usage Plan: $1.25 a minute if you will use more than average 10 minutes per day (pool of minutes)- Limited Avail.
Text Message: Extreme model supports OUTGOING at $.60 a message with confirmation. Other models support incoming only (from website or cell phones).  120 character maximum.  Cost is flat rate of $19 unlimited period with no charge per incoming message. 
Extra Standard Battery: Check if you wish extra battery for $1 day.  Battery life rated approximately 8 hours of standby or 45 minutes of talk-time.  Cold weather and high altitude can greatly reduce battery life.  12 volt car charger available upon request in special instructions box at bottom for no charge.  All batteries should be re-charged by customer fully prior to departure and immediately after flying in a plane.
Extra New Hi-Capacity Battery: $1.50/day Equal to 2+ standard batteries=16 hours standby or 90 minutes talktime.  All batteries should be re-charged by customer fully prior to departure and immediately after flying in a plane.
Solar Panel: Recharge your unit with sunlight using light-weight foldable solar panel and 12-volt charger (included).  Recommended for longer rentals and remote areas with no power for 5 days or more.  SPECIAL PRICE: $24
Magnetic Mount Antenna: Improves reception 15%. Check if you wish a magnetic mount antenna (2 inch diameter) with 5 foot cable for $1 day.  Improves reception and especially recommended for Basic Model.  Allows you place antenna on vehicle or outside your room (still requires line-of-sight to sky).  Often used on cruise ships.
Insurance: Check if you wish incidental damage protection for $4.29/day or $3/day for 30+ days.  Covers minor damage to unit such as faceplate, antenna, battery, phone flip, etc.  Does not cover theft, loss or catastrophic damage to phones internal circuitry.
Insurance: Check if you wish catastrophic damage protection for $7.14 a day or $5 a day for 30+ days.  Covers 100% of the value of the phone minus $250 deductible (excludes accessories).  Phone must still be returned for evaluation.
Headset: Small Headset for 9505 for hands-free talking and reduces wind noise for $1 a day
Handheld GPS: For Remote areas, we recommend renting a battery powered HANDHELD GPS SYSTEM to help give coordinates to rescue - only $4.29 a day or $3 a day for 30+ days
Satellite phone customers - Do you wish to rent 2-way radios at a 50% discount?  Normally $6 a day for $3 a day per unit.  Great for travelers who wish to stay in touch with each other while shopping, on board a cruise ship, hiking, etc.  Radios have a 2 to 5 mile range with Vibrating alert and come with a belt clip and charger.

Number of radio units requested (2 minimum)?

Credit Card Billing Address and Contact (card number will be provided in Step 2):
Incorrect addresses will delay your order  (credit card # provided on step 2 via fax)

* = required )

Name on Credit Card*: *
Street Line 1*: *
Street Line 2:  
City*: *
State/Province/Region*: *
Zip/Postal Code*: *
Country*: *
Phone*: *
Email: *
Additional Contact Name:  

Delivery Information: 
If possible, we recommend Fedex delivery to commercial locations where someone is available to receive.
If same as billing information, just type SAME in all fields.
Pickup available in Atlanta - just type PICKUP in all fields.

Street Line 1*: *
Street Line 2:  
City*: *
State/Province/Region*: *
Zip/Postal Code*: *
Country*: *
Contact Person
Name*: *
Phone*: *

HOTEL SHIPMENTS: Client is responsible for notifying hotel prior to delivery.  Many Hotels do not properly deliver shipments to guests without prior notification from guests. 

OTHER DEVICES: If you desire additional Equipment for your trip, please enter in Special Instructions

GPS - Handheld Portable for Hikers (shows waypoint and coordinates) $4.29/day or $3/day for 30+ days

GPS - Vehicle USA Portable with Nationwide maps and points of interest - $5.71/day or $4/day for 30+ days

GPS - Vehicle European Portable with major city maps and points of interest - $7.14/day or $5/day for 30+days

Solar Panel for Laptop - $40/week or $120/month

External Battery with 12-volt adaptor - $30/week or $90/month

Laptop - $50/week or $150/month

Shock and Water resistant digital camera 7 Megapixel with charger - $40/week or $120/month

Portable DVD player with Worldwide compatibility - $40/week or $120/month


Special Instructions including delivery instructions, requests for confirmation, comments on phone model.


Customer should call Tech-Go to confirm order and receipt of faxed Rental Agreement (Step 2)