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Tech-Go, Inc. Agreement
Terms and Conditions

2-way Radio Rental

Sign and fax with Photo ID to 1-404-671-9419 

Payment (credit cards only)  

 MasterCard    VISA   American Express

Card Number:           Expiration:     

Card Code CVV2 (see example on cards below)):                


Print Name as it appears on card:              

Signature (required):                                                                                    Date:                                       

Agrees to all terms and conditions listed on Rental Agreement including authorization for credit card charges. 

 Optional Damage Protection (Initial if desired ___________)

Accepting Theft Protection at rate listed on Order Form limits your liability to listed Deductible on Order FormFor Damage protection to be in force, order form must designate Damage protection and the rental agreement must be initialed.  Damaged units must still be returned to us or full cost will be billed.


Radio Rental Rates

Rates as listed on Order form. Any days in excess of the selected rental period including late return shipping, shipping return errors are billed at a pro-rated daily rate equal to 150% of selected rental rate. 


Delivery Charge

Client chooses shipping carrier and the cost associated with delivery from on-line phone reservation form.  Typical domestic USA charges for 1 phone range from $10 to $35 depending on carrier and speed of delivery.  Orders submitted Monday through Friday must be received and processed by 3 pm EST deadline for same day processing.  Saturday Orders have a 12 pm EST deadline for same day processing.  Orders received after the  deadline will be processed the next day.  Pickup and drop-off available in Atlanta GA for no charge.


Credit Card Deposit

For Radio rental, deposit will be charged equal to your rental and shipping charges.  If Commercial Grade Radios are rented, then additional authorization may be charged equal to $30 per unit and voided upon receipt of units.  IF all equipment and id appears valid and may be verified, then additional deposit may be waived.


Equipment Replacement Costs

Ranges for replacement costs (unless insurance selected) for Tech-Go's equipment are as follows:  Radio replacement costs are as follows: Medium-Range Radio $100, Long-Range Radio $150, Longest Range $175, Commercial Grade UHF Radios $250, Chargers (Outdoor units) $40, Commercial Grade Chargers $100, Accessories battery packs $40, belt clips $20), wall transformer $25.


Credit Card Authorization

Client authorizes Tech-Go to process credit card vouchers in client's name and pay for all charges incurred under the terms and conditions of this agreement.  Client has read contract, understands and agrees with all terms and conditions and indicates so by completing the on-line application and signing this rental agreement.

Tech-Go(c) Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

1. TERMS (Initial ___________) - "Client" refers to person signing agreement and any other party(s) involved.  Tech-Go rents client equipment identified within agreement and in consideration thereof client agrees to the following Terms and Conditions.  All clients are completely liable for all charges.  Faxed signature on agreement serves as an original signature with all rights thereof enforces.  Presentation of false, fictitious or misleading identification or information is an intention to commit larceny and/or fraud.  By signing this contract, client agreed to all charges and all terms and conditions as stated.  Agreement is not assignable and it constitutes entire agreement between Tech-Go and client.  There are no other representations, conditions, warranties, guarantees or collateral agreements, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, concerning rental equipment, its use, or this agreement, other than set forth herein.  Agreement between client and Tech-Go is governed and interpreted by the laws of Delaware.  Client will redeem and hold Tech-Go harmless from and against all claims, loss, liability for any direct, special or consequential damages as a result of client's use, custody, control, possession, and operation of equipment.  Rental equipment will remain property of Tech-Go.  Client acquires no rights other than temporary use.  During rental period no change in service, repair service or replacement part is authorized without written approval from Tech-Go.  Operation of any radio transmitting equipment, may interfere with the functionality of inadequately protected medical devices.  Consult a physician or the manufacturer of the medical device if you have any questions.  Other electronic equipment may also be subject to interference.  Do not drive vehicles while operating electronic devices (subject to local laws)

2. CANCELLATION (Initial ___________) - To cancel an order after signed agreement is provided to Tech-Go, Clint must a) prior to shipment date provide written notification via fax with cardholder's signature and re-confirmation of acceptance of cancellation fee, and b) receive Tech-Go's written confirmation and acceptance of cancellation notice and Client's acceptance of cancellation fee.  If received and accepted in writing prior to shipment date, a $10 per radio cancellation fee will be imposed.  If rental cancellation notice is not received and accepted in writing prior to shipment date, cancellation is not accepted and contracted rates will apply until equipment is received at Tech-Go with minimum periods selected by Client (weekly or monthly).  Client is responsible for equipment until equipment is received complete at Tech-Go.  Tech-Go is not liable for direct, special or consequential damages as a result of equipment, performance or use of equipment including claims based on failure to honor a telephone reservation requested by client.  Tech-Go may terminate agreement without notice to client at any time.

3. BILLING (Initial ___________) - Charges including rental, shipping, and tax can be due and payable anytime during or after the rental period.  Interim billing arranged on rentals more than 30 days.  If not, usage can be billed weekly for daily or weekly rental charge at the contracted rate plus an estimated rate of minimum minutes for the plan selected by the customer on the on-line order form.   Client's submission of order and signed rental agreement is Client's acceptance of rental and related rental, shipping, tax and other charges. Charges placed on credit card are considered non-refundable charges although customer's final total charges will be netted against all credit card charges and charged or credited to Customer's card as appropriate.  Final invoicing and charges or credit are expected to be completed within 45 days after the rental unit is received by Tech-Go to insure complete billing although Client will be billed on a delayed basis for any charges Tech-Go becomes aware of after our final billing. All clients subject to final credit card billing.  Clients must notify Tech-Go if credit card is lost or stolen and provide replacement credit card number for billing.  All charges due immediately unless Tech-Go provides House account terms which are net 10 days.  Any delayed payment may incur finance charges of 2% monthly (24% annum) until Tech-Go receives full payment.  Client's miscellaneous charges: return check charge $50, credit card reversal charge $50.   Client agrees to pay all costs incurred in recovering equipment or collecting moneys owed Tech-Go including reasonable attorney's fees, collection fees, court costs, interest and other equitable relief a court deems appropriate. Invoice charges are subject to Taxes at prevailing rates - currently 7%.

4.  SERVICE (Initial ___________) - 2-way radios use radio frequencies to connect for communication.  Quality of wireless signal will vary due to environmental issues especially inside buildings or over long distances or in varying terrain.  Client expected to read provided instructions for proper operation.  Contact Tech-Go immediately if there is an equipment or service problem.  If Tech-Go does not hear from client at beginning of problem period, Customer agrees that all equipment and service is working and all charges remain valid and approved by Client.  Customer agrees to provide Tech-Go details of problems and time necessary to troubleshoot and determine solution.  Customer agrees to work in tandem with Tech-Go to solve problem.  Batteries are provided with each unit and are to be returned with rental, but customer may also use their own provided batteries for extended usage.  Customers may choose optional services or products via the order form and agree to pay rates documented on order forms.

5. EQUIPMENT LOSS/DAMAGE (Initial ___________) - Regardless of unit loss and timing, Client agrees to p[ay the original agreed rental fees and the loss amounts listed on the order form for Radios. Prior to return date, Client must notify Tech-Go immediately if equipment is lost or stolen so we may prepare billing.  Lost or stolen equipment during client's rental period, regardless of circumstances, must be reimbursed by Client to Tech-Go at the full amount listed on order form.  Missing equipment returned after seven days of claim of loss may be eligible for reversal of loss amount, but will agree to pay the greater of 20% restocking charge, equipment rental rate or $100 per unit minimum.  Client charged replacement cost for damaged equipment unless Damage Protection is in place at time of order.  If Customer ships or requests shipping of equipment in or out of the USA for any reason, Customer accepts responsibility for the equipment and will pay the greater of rental rates or replacement cost if equipment is not returned for any reason including but not limited to shipping carrier or custom's loss or damage.

6. EQUIPMENT RETURN (Initial ___________) - Using enclosed pre-printed return label " will end client's rental as of date equipment is accepted at Fedex starts movement back to Tech-Go's office in Atlanta, GA.  Client is responsible for all equipment packaged properly and returned timely.  Items not properly packed with protective materials, including padding around radios to prevent collision damage in -transit   (same or more material as when received) will incur the greater of a wear-and-tear charge of $29 Medium Radios, $49 Long and Longer Range Radios, $69 Commercial Grade Units or damaged cost listed above (if damaged).  Should client return equipment using means other than enclosed pre-assigned airbill, client is liable for any equipment damage and daily rental charges while in transit until received by Tech-Go warehouse.  Changes in delivery service level at client's expense.  

I certify I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions including the authorization to charge my credit card per the rates chosen on this form and/or the on-line application.

Client Name (print) _____________________    Phone #: ________________

Client Signature     _____________________          Date: ________________


Revised: September 09, 2016 .         Copyright Tech-Go (c) 12/99