2-way Radio Rental Reservation Process

Step 1.  
  • Order Form: Print /Scan as PDF or save electronically for emailing to sales@tech-go.com

    Some Customers Copy This Order Form in Word and type information, save and email.
Step 2.
  • Rental Agreement: After finishing order form, Click to view Rental Agreement
  • Fax or Scan/Email Back the Signed Rental Agreement with Photo ID.  
  • Please call us 30 minutes or more after sending to verify we have received (unless you receive email from us confirming receipt).

    Ipad Users - PDF - Rental Agreement
    Iphone/Ipad fans can use (install) SignNow App to complete and email to us with separate picture of ID. Open in Safari, touch screen, top right "Open In", Choose SignNow

    Windows Users can PDFESCAPE program

Order Process

  1. Complete our on-line request form on this page and submit on-line.

  2. Scan/Email or Fax back a complete and signed copy of our on-line rental agreement which can be printed from our site -  Rental Agreement. This form should also have your credit card info printed legibly so we can authorize the deposit. Also include a copy of a photo ID such as a drivers license or passport - we recommend you make a legible photocopy of your ID prior to faxing to ensure it will readable on our fax.  Our fax number is 1-404-671-9419.

  3. Once we receive all of the above information, we enter your reservation date into our system and your radios are reserved.  We ship the units to you 2 business days prior to your request date (next business day is available if necessary).  Rental period is calculated day after shipment through day returned.

After we receive your complete order

Order Form

The billing address must be the address where the credit card statement is mailed.  The Reserve Radio Form, Rental Agreement and Photo ID must all be forwarded to Tech-Go prior to 3:00 pm EST Monday through Friday (Saturday 12 pm) to be processed same-day.  Credit Card Payment information may be submitted on-line via our secure site or included on the Rental Agreement and faxed to 1-404-671-9419.  The signature on the rental agreement must be provided by the credit card holder.

Number and Type of radios required?  Current Promotion Rates - Subject to availability -   Review Units and Pictures
Batteries included.  Charger included.  *3 day minimum or Weekend Friday through Monday. 5 unit minimum pricing shown with Quantity Discounts Available - 7+ days advance ordering recommended. 
  Quantity Type Daily* 1 week+ 2 weeks+ 30 days+ 60 days+ 180 days+
Budget Medium Range Radios Outdoor
1-2 Rural miles
No Penetration of Buildings or Hills
$4/day $3.00/day $2.50/day $2.00/day $1.25/day $.50/day
Long Range Radios Outdoor
3-5 miles Rural and Light Indoor (2-4 walls, 1-2 floors)
$5/day $3.50/day $3.00/day $2.25/day $1.50/day $.60/day
Longest Range Radios with Whisper mode for best headset use (Up to 10 miles rural, Light Indoor 2-6 walls, 3 floors) $6/day $4.00/day $3.50/day $2.50/day $1.75/day $.75/day
Vertex VX-160 VHF Commercial 16 Ch. Handheld 2-Way Radio VX 231 Commercial Grade UHF with Whip Antenna for Best Building Penetration
(Convention centers, Skyscrapers up to 10 stories, Mountains)
$7/day $5.00/day $4.00/day $3.00/day $2.50/day $1.25/day


Headsets All have Push to Talk (PTT)


Budget Over Ear with Boom Mic with PTT $1/day

Security Style with PTT $2/day

Over or Behind Head with Boom Mic with PTT $2/day

Compact Speaker - Microphone with PTT $4/day

Headset with Acoustic Throat Mic $6/day - SPECIAL ORDER


Not for Comm Grade Budget headset with boom mic which helps in loud environments.  Can move on ear if you have lots of head movement.

Good for stealthy communications, although can be hard to hear in very loud environments

Best if you have lots of head movement and loud environments since boom mic is noise cancelling.

Similar to style used by Law Enforcement.  Can be hard to hear in very loud environments.

Best for action and stealth since throat mic captures sound from directly from your throat.  Mic helps isolate your voice in loud environments (especially when used with our whisper mode radios -  Longest Range)

# units


Do you wish to purchase Damage Protection (excludes accessories)?  Units must still be returned to us.
  Outdoor units -$1 per day per unit, Commercial Grade Units-$2 per day per unit

(reduces liability for theft/loss of radio to $29 deductible per radio (instead of $100 Medium, $150 Long Range, $175 Longest Range).

For Commercial Grade Units, $225 value reduced to $69 deductible)

Please describe Event and Location where equipment will be used including distance, building (floors and walls), outdoor hills, city, etc:


Shipping Method


Select Date, Time and Shipping method to specify when you want the equipment to arrive? (No Sunday Deliveries).  Price includes shipping, handling and insurance while in transit).  Customer must select ship method below or 2nd business day will be used to ship product.  IMPORTANT: Customer Responsible for picking delivery date that allows for possible Fedex delays and time to learn the operation of equipment PRIOR TO USE Date.  Rental not voided by Fedex delays.  

Delivery Date:       Choose Time/Cost  
Event Date:          

RECOMMEND DATE TO ARRIVE: 1 or 2 business days before use/event.


Check for Saturday delivery - add $15
Check for Saturday shipment out - no additional charge

Expected  Date you will provide to Fedex:  

Shipping Notes: Fedex provides the following guarantee or you will receive a credit for the shipping cost via Fedex (excluding weather delays):  a. First Overnight available in most major cities with delivery between 6:00 and 8:30 am  b. Next Business Day service will be received by 10:30 am in cities (later in rural areas) - (not available in all areas). c. Second Business Day service will be received by 7:30 pm Business days are Monday - Friday.

Orders placed Monday through Friday must be received by 3:00 pm EST for same day processing.  Orders received after 3:00 pm EST may be processed same-day but could incur $15 late-shipping Fedex surcharge (usually after 6 pm EST).  All shipping/handling charges are for a single phone.   Multiple phone orders are charged additional shipping at $5 per unit.

Credit Card Billing Address and Contact (card number will be provided in Step 2):
Incorrect addresses will delay your order  (credit card # provided on step 2 via fax)

* = required )

Name on Credit Card*: *
Street Line 1*: *
Street Line 2:  
City*: *
State/Province/Region*: *
Zip/Postal Code*: *
Country*: *
Phone*: *
Email: *
Additional Contact Name:  

Delivery Information: 
If possible, we recommend Fedex delivery to commercial locations where someone is available to receive.
If same as billing information, just type SAME in all fields.
Pickup available in Atlanta - just type PICKUP in all fields.

Street Line 1*: *
Street Line 2:  
City*: *
State/Province/Region*: *
Zip/Postal Code*: *
Country*: *
Contact Person
Name*: *
Phone*: *

HOTEL SHIPMENTS: Client is responsible for notifying hotel prior to delivery.  Many Hotels do not properly deliver shipments to guests without prior notification from guests. 

 Validation - key code in black box CODE: : * 

Special Instructions including delivery instructions, requests for confirmation, car charger for Radios


Customer should call Tech-Go to confirm order and receipt of faxed Rental Agreement (Step 2)


Print and scan pdf  to sales@tech-go.com or fax to 1-404-671-9419. 
Please also print and send completed rental agreement Click to review Rental Agreement