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GSM World Phone Rental Reservation Process
GSM World Phone works in specific countries and areas, for other areas Rent Satellite Phone

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Step 1.  
You can print this and fax if you wish
Complete On-line Order Form Below - Scroll down and read Order Process.  Complete Order Form and Select service you desire.  You will receive a confirmation page in your browser with a link to Step 2.
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Step 2. Fax Back the Signed Rental Agreement with Photo ID (scan is acceptable).   Click if you want to review Rental Agreement prior to ordering.

Order Process


Complete our on-line request form on this page and submit on-line or fax with Rental Agreement.


Fax back a complete and signed copy of our on-line rental agreement which can be printed from our site -  International Rental Agreement. This form should also have your credit card info printed legibly so we can authorize the deposit. Also include a copy of a photo ID such as a drivers license or passport - we recommend you make a legible photocopy of your ID prior to faxing to ensure it will readable on our fax.  Our fax number is 1-404-671-9419.


Once we receive all of the above information, we enter your reservation date into our system and your phone is reserved. We ship the phone to you 2 business days prior to your request date (next business day is available if necessary).  Rental period is calculated day after shipment through day received in our warehouse.

After we receive your complete order


A $150 deposit (timeport or V66) or $250 deposit for Advanced phones is obtained using your credit card information.  If additional options are requested, additional deposit may be charged as noted on order form.


We reserve the equipment and arrange for shipment.  We also provide a return pack/box.  You will receive a charged phone, wall charger with USA and Euro (2 round prong) adaptor, and operating instructions.


The equipment is shipped via 2-business day or next-business day air and arrives at your location.


When you are ready to return the equipment, you ship it with the provided return pack/box and take to a Fedex staffed location. Ify ou request Fedex pickup, Fedex adds $10 - $15 to your return shipping charge  If you use your own shipping label, please send us an email with your return tracking number.


Upon receipt of the equipment, we process the charge for your usage and credit your deposit when the carrier bills are available.  Because we must wait for the carrier bill, final invoicing and netting against deposit typically occurs 30 to 90 days after we receive the equipment.

On-line Request Form   You may submit this form on-line or fax it to 1-404-671-9419. 

Please fill out the form below so we may reserve your phone.  Please complete all applicable fields below to reserve your phone(s) and arrange for shipment.  Completion of this form is acknowledgement you have read and agree to the terms in our Rental Agreement.   The billing address must be the address where the credit card statement is mailed.  The On-line Request Form, Rental Agreement and Photo ID must all be forwarded to Tech-Go prior to 3:00 pm EST Monday through Friday (Saturday 12 pm) to be processed same-day.  Credit Card Payment information should be completed on the Rental Agreement and faxed to 1-404-671-9419.  The signature on the rental agreement and ID must be provided by the credit card holder.

Promo/Agent/Referral Code (optional)
Enter this field if you were referred by an agent or received a promotion code (code and details please).
If referred by a friend, enter their name here so they may receive $5 off their rental.

Number of phones required?

In which countries will the equipment be used?

Shipping Method

Please bill me with the cost of the rental

I would like to provide my own Fedex Account #


Select Date, Time and Shipping method to specify when you want the equipment to arrive? (No Sunday Deliveries).  Price includes shipping, handling and insurance while in transit).  Customer must select ship method below or 2nd business day will be used to ship product.

IMPORTANT: Customer Responsible for picking delivery date that allows for possible Fedex delays and time to learn the operation of equipment PRIOR TO DEPARTURE.  Rental not voided by Fedex delays.  

Delivery Date    Time

RECOMMEND DATE TO ARRIVE: 1 to 3 business days before departure.


Check for Saturday delivery - add $10
Check for Saturday shipment out - no additional charge


Shipping Notes: Fedex provides the following guarantee or you will receive a credit for the shipping cost via Fedex (excluding weather delays):  a. First Overnight available in most major cities with delivery between 6:00 and 8:30 am  b. Next Business Day service will be received by 10:30 am in cities (later in rural areas) - (not available in all areas). c. Second Business Day service will be received by 7:30 pmBusiness days are Monday - Friday.

Orders placed Monday through Friday must be received by 3:00 pm EST for same day processing.  Orders received after 3:00 pm EST may be processed same-day but could incur $15 late-shipping Fedex surcharge (usually after 6 pm EST).  All shipping/handling charges are for a single phone.   Multiple phone orders are charged additional shipping at $5 per unit.

Expected date you will return-ship back to Tech-Go?


Return Shipping:  Packages will be returned via 2nd business day using the return package provided by Tech-Go using the costs above.  Alternatively you may use your own shipper but we recommend you insure the shipment since you will be responsible for any loss or damages.

Which Phone and Rental rate do you desire?
Choose from 4 phone models!
(view phones)
NOTE: Phones include standard USA and Euro (2-round-prong) chargers.  Phones have circuitry that accept 120 volts and and 220 volts directly.  We suggest you verify the plug requirements with the location you will be visiting.  Other Plug / Prong adaptors are available from our partner: Teleadapt
Japan & Korea + World Phone -  Nokia 3G Quad Band phone. Includes speakerphone, supports wired and Bluetooth headset.  Voicemail on both plans
Affordable Japan Voice Plan (Service 1 - no data):

$1.25 a minute outgoing, free incoming with Intl number, $.50 a minute with USA toll-free number.  Incoming SMS Free, Outgoing SMS $.50  
Click for Per Minute Cost and Service Availability list
Japan Voice and Data Plan (Service 2):

$2.50 a minute outgoing and incoming with USA number.  Data charges at $.02 per kb, Web browsing, email pop3 support, Incoming SMS $.25, Outgoing SMS $.50  
Click for Per Minute Cost and Service Availability list
$7.14/day for 2 weeks+
$5/day for 30+ days 
$10/day for 2 weeks+
$8/day for 30+ days


Japan & Korea + World Phone -  Blackberry Quad Band phone. Includes speakerphone. Support Blackberry email and BES server.  Japan & Korea Voice and Data Plan (Service 2):

$2.50 a minute outgoing and incoming with USA number.  FREE Blackberry Email & Attachments.  Other Data charges at $.02 per kb, Web browsing, email pop3 support, Incoming SMS $.25, Outgoing SMS $.50  
Click for other country Per Minute Cost and Service Availability list
$125 per week
$325 per month

Choose your Service

Theft Protection and Accessories

Do you wish to purchase theft protection?  Reduces liability for theft/loss of phone to only $75 if lost/stolen - (highly recommended since phone replacement cost can be is  $450 - see rental agreement for replacement costs).

$5 per day for Advanced Nokia or Blackberry or $75 flat rate if more than 15 days ($75 deductible)

Do you wish to rent a hands-free wired headset? 
Increases Sound Quality!  Avoid tickets in areas where it is illegal to take hands off wheel for phone use!  Requires Motorola Timeport L7089.  Noise-canceling microphone for crystal clear calls. Easy hands-free conversations .  Convenient inline volume and mute control.
Yes ($1 per day)
Do you wish to rent a 220 volt inverter to power other USA items?
For laptops, digital camera and other normal devices (not high-powered items like hairdryers or irons)
Yes ($1 per day)

Credit Card Billing Address and Contact (card number will be provided in Step 2):
Incorrect addresses will delay your order (credit card # provided on step 2 via fax)
* = required )

Name on Credit Card*:
Street Line 1*:
Street Line 2:
Zip/Postal Code*:
Email (required for confirmation)*:
Additional Contact Name:

Delivery Information:
If possible, we recommend Fedex delivery to commercial locations where someone is available to receive.
If same as billing information, just type SAME in all fields.
Pickup available in Atlanta - just type PICKUP in all fields.

Street Line 1*:
Street Line 2:
Zip/Postal Code*:
Contact Person

HOTEL SHIPMENTS: Client is responsible for notifying hotel prior to delivery.  Many Hotels do not properly deliver shipments to guests without prior notification from guests. 

Rent GPS Unit with European Maps to help you easily get around on your trip.  NOTICE: many customers report they are not getting gps units from car rental companies when they rent cars in Europe (as promised) so your solution is to rent before you leave!   Coverage: Great Britain and Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, Germany, France and Benelux, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, Spain and Portugal, Czech Republic, Greece
$7.14/day   $5.71/day for 2 weeks+   $4/day for 30+days for longer-term use

If you desire additional Equipment for your trip, please enter in Special Instructions

Laptop - $7.14/day or $5/day for 30+ days

 Validation - key code in black box CODE: : * 

Special Instructions including delivery instructions, requests for confirmation, comments on phone model.

Customer should call Tech-Go to confirm order and receipt of faxed Rental Agreement (Step 2)

  (allow 15 to 25 seconds to process)