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1. Rent USA & Canada Wireless / Cellular Phone
    or Data Service:

General Info     - Rates
Rent a phone or data card with service in the USA.  Pay the lowest airtime rates - $.30 a minute (includes USA long distance)!  Unlimited Mobile to Mobile now available.  International calling available with low rates.  Service includes voicemail.  Canada phone rental also available. NEW: Sidekick with unlimited data and Texting

You can also rent an unlocked gsm phone for use with other SIM cards and service. Pay $30 a week or $60 a month.  rent gsm phone

HOT NEW: Rent World Blackberry® Curve 8320 Camera Phone for USA. Unlimited Free emails and attachments including pictures of your trip taken with camera phone.  Also has full Web browser with FREE use within the USA.  Includes speaker phone. rent gsm phone

2. Rent A World GSM Wireless / Cellular Phone & Service Available in 180+ Countries:

General Info     - Airtime RaNokia E61 Smartphone (unlocked)tes By Country
Rent a GSM cellular phone with service for use internationally in most parts of the world (180+ countries). FREE INCOMING CALLS IN 50+ countries!  No minimum or activation fees!  Several models available.   Only $.67 to $5.71 per day.  USA number also provided. 

Rent an unlocked gsm phone for use with other sim cards and service for international use.  Pay $30 a week or $60 a month.  rent gsm phone   

HOT NEW: Rent a World Blackberry® Camera Phone with Free email/attachments and Wi-fi support. As low as $8 daily for longer rentals. Also has full Web browser and speaker phone.  Camera allows you to SEND YOUR PICTURES FREE Worldwide rent gsm phone

3. Rent A Satellite Phone for Remote Areas

General Info     - Rates
Need to rent a satellite phone with service for remote areas not served by cellular or world-wide GSM.  Great for cruises!  Areas you probably need Satellite include remote areas of USA, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, South America, Korea, and remote areas such as Alaska, Desert, Jungle, Ocean and Mountainous areas.  Choose from 2 handheld Iridium models or 2 larger Inmarsat units.  Rate as low as $1.25 a minute worldwide.

4. Rent European GPS, USA / Canada GPS and Mexico GPS Unit

USA and Europe GPS UNITS rent satellite phone
Receive and learn operation while in the USA.  Don't risk Car Rental Company not having a GPS!  Don't get lost on roads or in remote areas.  Points of interests help you find ATM's, restaurants, hotels, gas stations. 

Choose from 2 models!
Great for walking around too! Rent GPS Driving and Walking Units with MAPS that speak English directions and turns!  Nuvi speaks street names.   

5. Rent Projector, Screen, LCD Monitors, Speakers
General Info     - Rates

Projector and Screen Rentals rent satellite phone
Great for Parties or Business Presentations
Party Pack promotion with DVD player and Wireless Speakers available too!

SVGA and XGA Portable Projectors and Outdoor inflatable screen for rent.  Great for presentations or hosting a party.   LCD Hi-Def Monitors / Televisions for Tradeshows, Presentations, Outdoor Displays (non-reflective display).  Includes RGB and HDMI cables (upon request) rent satellite phone

6. Rent Laptop, Air Cellular Data Card, Portable Printer, Portable Scanner

Rent Laptops, portable printers, paper and business card scanners, Cellular Aircards rent satellite phone


Portable Color printer allows you to print pictures, legal documents on the road.  We also offer portable scanners and Business card scanner for trade shows.

7. Rent 2-way Radios
General Info     - Rates
Rent 2-way radios. Prices starting at $5 a day for Medium Range and $6 a day for Long Range radios with selectable channels, call tones, vibrate calls.  NEW Product - Nationwide Cell / Radios with Unlimited Push to Talk (requires cellular network)!
8. Buy Phones / Service
General Info     - Terms

Nokia E61 Smartphone (unlocked)Buy an unlocked international phone and/or International Sim Card with FREE incoming calls in many countries. 

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