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GSM Information on roaming in the USA


Visiting the United States using GSM


If you want to use GSM within the United States, please read the following:


bulletGSM is a worldwide digital signaling standard that is extremely popular in many parts of the world.  However in the USA, GSM only covers certain cities and few rural areas.  TDMA and CDMA digital with analog for rural areas are the 2 standards that the national carriers like AT&T and Sprint are using.
bulletNorth American GSM networks all use the 1900MHz waveband for their air interface, while European and Asian networks use either 900MHz or 1800MHz.  This requires the user to have a multi-network phone or obtain a 1900MHz phone to place their SIM card.  Tech-Go can rent or sell you a USA GSM phone to use with your current international SIM card - click for info.
bulletFor those cities in the USA that have GSM, roaming agreements are not always in place with countries abroad.  You should determine which USA GSM carrier serves the cities you would like to use your service and verify your international GSM carrier has roaming agreements.
bulletIf you verify service, please obtain usage rates directly from your international carrier.  You will probably pay between $2.00 and $3.50 per minute to roam/use the phone in the US.  By the way, if you travel to a non-GSM city or most rural areas your phone won't have access to the GSM network.
bulletAnother option is to rent a USA-based Tech-Go digital phone and have it shipped to you when you arrive in the United States.  By the way, the rates we offer are cheaper than you would pay your carrier to roam here in the US ($.50 to $1.25 per minute for US usage).