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Satellite Phone Rental

Satellite Phone Rental

Need to rent an Iridium satellite phone with service for remote areas not served by cellular or worldwide GSM cellular?  Sat phone service is great for Cruises, Hunting and all remote areas such as Alaska, Desert, Jungle, Ocean and Mountainous areas.

Satellite Phone Rental

Iridium Handheld Satellite phones for worldwide use.

New 9575 Extreme Model-Smallest

  • Best Call Quality 
  • Best Water Resistance
  • 2 way messaging 

Reasons to rent an Iridium Satellite handheld phone from Tech-Go

  • Airtime rates as low as $1.75 a minute
  • Handheld Iridium models work anywhere on the planet (outside)
  • Rates as low as $5 a day for longer rentals.
  • No activation fees!
  • WARNING: Globalstar sat phones are not as reliable in some areas.

9505 Executive Model

Less Expensive Model

Solar Panel

Optional Light Weight Foldable 4 panel Solar Panel with 12-volt Adaptor[1]